The following are the correct answers:

QUESTION 1 – Comments
1. There were 19 items listed that were not in the locale
2. There were 30 items listed that appeared in both sides

3. There were 27 correct differences for Question 1
4. Question 2 there was one correct answer which was 27

AW Yorkie – large body yorkie on right side only
Basil – right side only
Beige Glass Tile – behind Neutron Ball Lighting
Cat Mask Cooper – 1 on right side, 2 on left side
Chocolate Dipped Strawberry – r side by duck bow
Cotton Twist Headband – right side only
Daisy – capital letters on r, small letters on left

DAISY – capital letters on r, small letters on left
Elegant Table – right side only
Flame – left side only
Gold Candlestick – under duck pictures/different
Mesh Back Chair – 1 on right, 0 on left
Muffy – little body yorkie on left side only
Penguin Suit – left side only
Prescription Eyeglasses Black – r side under tapestry

Pine Pedestal Table – left side only
Pine Plant Stand – right side only
Rosemary – left side only
Simple Wood Table – left side only
Silver Candlestick – different
Silver Sugar Bowl – reversed
Small Mesh Back Chair – 2 on left, 1 on right
SoHo Shades Purple – on left by rosemary in flowers
Spring Dressing – on left
Tiny Shorts Orange – left side duck feet
Victorian Sir – pictures reversed
1st Little Easter Duck – on right side only

QUESTION 2 – The correct answer is 27

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