Results of Career Event Differences


QUESTION 1 – Comments
1. There were 20 items listed that were not in the locale
2. There were 20 items listed that appeared in both sides
3. There were 23 correct differences for Question 1
4. The correct answer is  23


  1. Acacia Blossom’s Pan Note 2 on Right/1 Left
  2. Arabian Pillows (S) on chairs reversed
  3. AW Evil Clown Mask – Black on R
  4. Black Gold Arabian Chair 2 on Left/1 on Right
  5. Black Bold Arabian Couch (R) on Right side
  6. Captain Flint on Right under Mag Glass
  7. Fox McCloud ‘ 19 on Left
  8. Galleons Lost doubloons on right
  9. Gold & Black Arabian Ottoman on Left
  10. Gold Candlestick/Left by statue head
  11. Golden Globe on Right under pan note on curtain
  12. Jungle Tent is reversed (red part)
  13. Jungle Tent pole on Right side in middle by curtain
  14. Jungle Tent Rope is double on Left
  15. Liam on Right
  16. Maiden Statue – Gold Reversed
  17. Nicholas on Left
  18. Paco – 2nd on Left under Mag Glass
  19. Pearl Globe on Right behind by snake head
  20. Royal Sun Dragon (L) on right
  21. The big One Didn’t Get Away (L) on Left
  22. The Itzy Bitzy Spider on left
  23. Yellow Candle on Right behind light wire

QUESTION 2 – The correct answer is 23

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